While X-Rays are not a chiropractic treatment, they let us view your bones and joints with clarity and is a diagnostic tool. We often use X-Rays only when we see the need to, it is not a routine practice. An X-Ray may be necessary depending on your condition and not all patients may require one. If you’ve had recent X-Rays, you should bring them to Pines Family Chiropractic Center when you visit us.

We view X-Rays to evaluate and determine what might be causing your pains and choose a course of treatment best suitable to you and your condition. We can also use X-Rays to diagnose if you have any congenital anomalies, fractures, arthritic conditions, infections of the bones, dislocations, or tumors.

As a general guideline, X-Rays are necessary in the following cases:

  • • If the patient has been in an auto accident and a fracture or dislocation is suspected
  • • If the patient has had long-standing pain that has not responded or resolved with previous chiropractic health care
  • • For most patients over 70 years of age, especially if the patient’s history and examination suggest a possible bone disease
  • • If the patient has experienced any type of trauma if over the age of 50
  • • If the patient has sustained a significant traumatic injury at any age

Pines Family uses X-Ray equipment that is inspected regularly and meets the standards of the National Radiation Protection Board. Additionally, a special type of X-Ray film is used that dramatically reduces the radiation dose to you.

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