Chiropractors such as Dr. Behar can make use of a number of treatments to get the best possible outcome for your overall health. Here at Pines Family, we can use a treatment called physiotherapy to help and relieve any pain in our patients.

We can provide the following Physiotherapy services:

  • • Weight-bearing exercise for patients with Osteoporosis
  • • Rehabilitation of chronically weak or injured muscles and joints
  • • Rehabilitation of work-related injuries
  • • Rehabilitation of sports injuries
  • • Post-surgical rehabilitation

We can also provide the following physiotherapy procedures:

  • • Heat/ice therapy
  • • Hydrotherapy
  • • Mechanical traction
  • • Interferential electrical muscle stimulation
  • • Ultrasound

Electrical Stimulation

Electricity has been used to help treat pain for many years. Electrical stimulation, also known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), delivers painless currents through the skin of a patient to individual nerves. By doing this, it can relieve pain and stiffness in the body to help improve mobility. A benefit to this treatment is that it’s non-invasive and has no known side effects. It can also be used for acute pain and chronic pain.


An ultrasound is a common non-invasive tool used to treat back and neck pain, tendon and ligament injuries, spasms in the muscles, joint pain, and any other spine related conditions. Dr. Behar will apply a gel to the patient’s skin to help transmit the ultrasound waves onto the affected tissues. The problem is gently swirled over an area which transmits high-frequency sound waves to deliver heat into tissues. This helps promote healing, circulation, relaxes muscles, helps spasms, and decreases inflammation while alleviating pain.


Spinal traction uses manual or a mechanically created force to stretch and mobilize the spine. Certain areas in the spinal column are pulled in opposite directions to stabilize or change the position of damaged areas on the spine.


A hydrotherapy bed can offer many physiological and therapeutic benefits. Hydrotherapy offers a gentle or deep penetrating massage along with heat therapy. The combination of these two can offer very good benefits to the user’s body.

Hydrotherapy’s unique combination of massage and floating sensation greatly increases circulation and removes any harmful toxins from the body. A hydrotherapy bed’s warm and dry massage helps rejuvenate the body and eliminates stress.

Some of the benefits Hydrotherapy can do for you:

  • • Reduce tension and headaches
  • • Improve skin tone
  • • Reduce heart rate
  • • Lower blood pressure
  • • Improve general health
  • • Detoxification of the body
  • • Enhanced recovery from pain
  • • Deep muscle stimulation
  • • Aids in correcting insomnia
  • • Reduces fatigue
  • • Relief from muscle spasms
  • • Arthritic and rheumatic conditions
  • • Joint stiffness
  • • Invaluable relief from pain
  • • Reduces stress and nervous tension
  • • Total relaxation

Hydrotherapy beds tend to provide one of the best forms of physical and psychological healing and rejuvenation. Through regular visits on a hydrotherapy bed, many of our patients have seen an increase in all benefits!


Heat and ice treatment have shown to help in the treatment of pain and injuries, however, most people don’t know when to use which. Any treatment should be unique to the needs of the patient, so you should contact Dr. Behar so he can advise you on a treatment specific to your condition.

Cold Therapy

Ice therapy, or cryotherapy, is often used for acute injuries. If you are having pain from the result of an injury, then it’s usually best to use an ice pack for the first couple of days. It is also important that you do not apply the ice directly on the skin but rather wrapped inside a bag or towel. Ice can help reduce pain, muscle spasm, inflammation, and decrease damage done by the injury.

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