Therapeutic Exercises

While exercising is good for everyone to maintain their health, therapeutic exercises are even more important especially for those just recently injured in a vehicle accident, personal injury accident, or work-related accidents. The same principles apply to those suffering from joint disease, back pain, sports injuries, neck pain, sciatica, and even arthritis. Therapeutic exercises usually focus on the muscles of the neck, abdomen, and the back.

Our therapeutic exercises are typically done in our office, but you can do certain activities at home to compliment your chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Behar can diagnose you and create a program tailored towards you and your goals individually. Whether you are trying to increase movement in your muscles and joints, increase your strength in your spine and muscles, or increase flexibility, we can develop a one on one program to get you the life you need. Additionally, if you are an athlete, we can develop a program to help you recover from sport injuries and to prevent future injuries.

The different types of therapeutic exercises

  • • Isotonic exercises: Involves repetitive joint movement
  • • Isometric exercises: Involves muscle contractions without joint movement

Depending on your level of physical fitness, strength, and condition, Dr. Behar will generally start with an isometric exercise before moving to isotonic.

What are the benefits of therapeutic exercise?

  • • Pain reduction through the pain gate pathway and the release of endorphins throughout your body
  • • Restores the patient’s confidence that they can perform normal tasks and use the injured region in a normal manner
  • • Restores aerobic capacity to pre-injury levels if the patient’s job or normal activities demand it.
  • • Retrains neuromuscular and helps muscles move against resistance making your body more flexible
  • • Prevents formation of fibrinous adhesions with active muscle contractions and joint motions
  • • Increases blood flow to injured tissues to quicken the onset of the healing process
  • • Restores strength, endurance, and bulk to detrained muscle groups

Here at Pines Family, we use a number of different treatments for our patients. When deciding on which treatment or plan is best for you, we take a number of different factors into consideration about your overall health, history, and current condition. We believe that chiropractic care is more than just making the pain disappear. We want our patients to learn how to take care of themselves and to help improve their quality of life. Dr. Behar can help you find the pain free life you want!

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