Chiropractic Adjustments

When most think about a chiropractor, they tend to think of adjustments made to their body to relieve pain and tension. In other words, this is called a chiropractic adjustment or a spinal manipulation. While this is one very successful treatment we’ve seen in the patients we treat, it is often used in conjunction with other treatments.

After a chiropractic adjustment, our patients report less pain than they originally had – doesn’t that say it all?

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Spinal manipulation usually involves in the manipulation of the head, neck, shoulders, back, and hips to help alleviate pain and discomfort. These practices can often range from slow and easing massages to rapid and gentle pressures across the affected areas. You may have heard the term ‘cracking the joints’ from these treatments. It’s often called that due to the loud popping noise that is a result from the movement of the body. Rest easy though, these loud popping noises aren’t caused by the cracking or snapping of bones, discs, or cartilage but rather the quick release of air or gas bubbles.

Why do a chiropractic adjustment? It has been proven that a chiropractic adjustment can help correct spinal subluxation. Spinal subluxation is when your spinal bone, or sometimes called vertebrae, is not in its right position or not moving the correct way it should. When your vertebrae is misaligned or not functioning correctly, it can put tension and stress on both your nerves and blood vessels, which in the long run, can affect the way your spine communicates with the rest of your body. Spinal subluxation is often the causes of pain and discomfort in both muscles and your organs. When your spine is in the correct area and moving like it should, your body’s natural ability to heal is greatly improved.

What are the Benefits of a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustment is shown to be successful. It has been proven to be helpful in treating back pains, neck pains, shoulder pains, and headaches. This treatment has also shown favorable outcomes to both osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. As chiropractors, we often find that the bones surrounding the spine lose their normal motion and are restored by a series of spinal manipulations and adjustments. These adjustments also help the nervous system and can have a positive effect overall on your body without the need of drugs or surgery.

The treatment of chiropractic adjustment is also very safe when compared to other medical treatments. More than 100,000 people die of drug related reactions and medical errors while chiropractic adjustment uses none of these. While medical expenses can also be high, chiropractors have the lowest insurance premiums by far of all other medical providers.

Chiropractic adjustment is also noninvasive. Dr. Behar specializes in natural health care without the use and need of drugs or surgery.

This adjustment treatment is also not limited to a specific age group. Even babies can have subluxations due to the rigors of birth. Chiropractic doctors can perform chiropractic adjustments on just about anyone, from babies to the elderly.

Other Benefits Include:

  • • Helps the body to relax and repair
  • • Reduces chance of injury
  • • Reduces muscle spasms
  • • Reduces recovery time
  • • Reduces adhesions
  • • Reduces soreness and pain
  • • Reduces training effectiveness
  • • Increases flexibility
  • • Increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients
  • • Increases removal of lactic acid
  • • Increases circulation

Some Typical Observations Dr. Behar Has Made About His Patients Who Have Underwent Chiropractic Adjustments:

  • • Overall natural vitality
  • • Healthier seniors – better balance, less likelihood of falling
  • • Healthier adults – more energy and productivity
  • • Healthier kids – less infections, asthma, bed wetting, and more
  • • Healthier moms – easier pregnancies and deliveries
  • • Better immune system functions – fights off diseases more naturally
  • • Better nervous system functions
  • • Faster, more complete recovery from injuries
  • • Better athletic performance

What Conditions Could Chiropractic Adjustments Help?

  • • Arthritis
  • • Back Pain
  • • Carpal Tunnel
  • • Headaches/Migraines
  • • Neck Pains
  • • Sciatic Pains
  • • Shoulder Pains
  • • Sport Injuries
  • • Numbness in arms and hands
  • • Muscle Tensions
  • • Stress
  • • Car Accident or Work Injuries
  • • And Many Other Health Issues

Here at Pines Family, we have a passion for delivering the best care to every patient we meet. If it’s spine, sport, or other muscle pains, our methods and treatments are used to help you perform to the best of your abilities.

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