What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is another treatment first developed by chiropractor George Goodheart, Jr. about forty years ago. Kinesiology relies on strength resistance between the muscles, organs, and glands. The strength of your muscles is what is believed to be related to the health of your organs or area of the body being tested.

The philosophy of other therapies such as chiropractic, meridian, physical manipulation, and osteopathy is what Kinesiology is based on. Whenever you move your muscles, some of them turn ‘on’ and others turn ‘off’. Imbalances between these muscles can be corrected using pressure and other treatment techniques.

How Dr. Behar Uses Kinesiology

Dr. Behar uses Kinesiology for two reasons – diagnostics and treatments. Testing your muscles is what helps us diagnose any abnormality with them which could show signs of problems with your nervous system, vascular supply, lymphatic drainage, nutritional excess, or a problem with your cranial-sacral. Testing individual muscles and their strength accurately helps us diagnose what’s wrong and the best course for treatment.

Once your diagnosis is complete, we can then begin treatment based off of what we’ve learned from your muscles. Kinesiology can be used to treat any imbalances in muscles and joint pains. We can also use Kinesiology as an indicator of any organ problems. We can adapt to different methods of treatment depending on the diagnoses.

Kinesiology doesn’t only test for weakness or problems with your muscles and organs. It can also be used to test for any food allergies and sensitivities. Allergic reactions from foods can cause reversible muscle weakness. Kinesiology experts such as Dr. Behar can test for your food allergies by having the patient eat certain foods while testing their muscles to see for any allergic reactions.

What Kinesiology Can Treat

  • • Sport Injuries
  • • Shoulder Pains
  • • Sciatica
  • • Neck Pains
  • • Headaches
  • • Carpal Tunnel
  • • Back Pains
  • • Arthritis
  • • Allergies

If you view your body like a car, you can always find out what’s wrong by just looking under the hood. Dr. Behar can use these muscle tests as a tool to view under the hood of your body. When testing muscles, we ask patients to resist when gently applying pressure to muscles on the body. If certain areas are weaker than others, we know to focus on that area more. From there, we can remove whatever is blocking your body to heal itself.

As experienced chiropractors, we care for the entire body as a whole. Here at Pines Family, we can offer both chiropractic and alternative therapies. Imagine living a life of freedom from your head, shoulder, or back pains. Let us help you heal your whole body.

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