RITM Scenar Therapy

Innovative RITM Scenar Therapy

While some treatments tend to focus on a specific body part, organ, or area where there is pain, the new RITM Scenar instead focuses on the entire body as a whole. With the RITM Scenar therapy, the pain is greatly reduced and long lasting since it accurately finds where there is imbalance and pain, and then begins to treat them. The RITM Scenar therapy also activates the body to release endorphins, which are its own natural pain killers.

What is the RITM Scenar and how does it work?

The RITM Scenar is a device that uses electro stimulation to deliver computer modulated therapeutic e-stim through the skin to relieve pain. It’s handheld and a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t use drugs or need surgery.

How Dr. Behar uses the RITM Scenar Therapy

When disease, stress, or injury intereferes with the body’s communication network; many symptoms can manifest to further disrupt the body. Pain, is one of the most common symptoms. The RITM Scenar aims to help restore that communication by correcting and connecting any defective signals. With soft electrical impulses, the nervous system can help make the repairs it needs to for the body to help start to heal itself again.

Can RITM Scenar help me?

If you’d like to try the RITM Scenar therapy, you should consult with Dr. Behar first as it is prescription use only. Cleared by the FDA, the RITM Scenar therapy is intended for those who are in a lot of pain and is often used for post-surgical and post traumatic pain.

RITM Scenar Versus Other Electro Stimulation Therapies

The results of an RITM Scenar therapy are longer lasting than any other electro stimulation therapy. With most other electro stimulation therapies, the body adapts to the treatment, then after a certain period of time, tunes it all out together. Though relief usually occurs while the treatment is happening, the pain usually returns later. The RITM Scenar avoids this all together by making sure there is no habituation to the signal which is what makes this therapy stand out above the rest.

With the RITM Scenar device, it delivers a signal then waits for a response from the body. By doing this, the device can adjust accordingly for the next signal making each and every signal sent to the body unique and different.

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